"Personally, I’ve been very pleased by your service and your servers. I haven’t been keeping stats, but it seems like you have a high success rate on perfecting service which is always impressive. Unlike one of the other companies we also use, your employees appear to know Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 4 as I don’t remember any issues with substitute service, or any type of service for that matter, with any of the defendants you’ve served. (We had a small issue where this other company’s servers started leaving the service papers with the underage (ages 10-16) kids of the defendants, so we had to re-serve.) As a former process server myself, I know how tough this job can be, but you guys do it well. When I have a choice on what service to use, Expedius Envoy has become my first choice. I’ve heard some of the others in the office say that they’ve been really impressed by your company as well." - John
"I think ya’ll are doing a wonderful job and appreciate it so much! We are getting the records so much faster than serving them by certified mail. Having the subpoenas personally served seems to add a little importance to them I believe and the turn-around is unreal! Thank you so much!!!!" - Lori

About Expedius Envoy

from your place to their's . . . fastest service around!

Expedius Envoy was formed in 2003 on the principle of providing the highest level of service and catering to our clients specific needs.


  • Josh Brakefield has over 15 years of experience in the legal industry and founded Expedius Envoy in 2003. Josh has grown Expedius for an owner/operator business to a multi location company providing services nationally.
Expedius Envoy offers 24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week service.
  • WHEN you need us...
  • WHERE you need us...
  • consider it THERE!
Expedius' services include our core business of Process Serving to a variety of Courier Services.

Our Services

Process Servers

Expedius Envoy provides this Legal service for law firms, businesses and individuals. We have over 15 years of experience and knowledge of how and when to deliver or serve the documents to insure prompt, accurate "good service" and work with all Federal, State, and District Courts. Expedius also offers full service records research and retrieval.

All requests can be scanned and e-mailed for faster service. Also, Expedius will complete and send out all affidavits of service on any items that require it.

A process server delivers legal documents such as...

  • Summons
  • Complaints
  • Small Claims Filings
  • Record Subpoenas
  • Personal Subpoenas
  • Citations and Petitions
  • Orders
  • Out of State Requests

Superior Courier Service and Delivery

Our Courier service handles both scheduled and unscheduled runs consistently making daily runs throughout Birmingham and to Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Huntsville. We are always available to make runs out of state including Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Florida.

Expedius Envoy is licensed, insured and bonded with dependable drivers and process servers that are courteous and professional.

Courier services include:

  • Large and Small Boxed items
  • Package delivery
  • Legal documents/Closing documents
  • Medical supplies
  • Large industrial items

Trial/Arbitration Setup

Expedius Envoy provides complete and superior services on a moments notice. Our logistical consultants are trained professionals that offer firms exceptional services and savings. Expedius Envoy has a nationwide network of vendors our disposal with the ability to offer a seamless process for the setup of trial, arbitrations and war rooms nationwide.

Expedius guarantees a smooth, stress-free process in or out of town. We will assist in the negotiation of rates with all vendors, and their involvement to reduce trial expenses. Our services save attorneys, paralegals and legal secretarys time, and reduce your client's costs significantly.

Satellite Locations

Anniston, Alabama

1101 Quintard Avenue
Suite #2646
Anniston, Alabama 36201
(855) 273-7831


Huntsville Alabama

615 Clinton Avenue West
Suite #2678
Huntsville, Alabama 35801
(855) 273-7831


Jasper Alabama

2101 3rd Avenue South
Suite #3185
Jasper, Alabama 35501
(855) 273-7831


Montgomery Alabama

135 Catoma St.
Suite 590
Montgomery, Alabama 36101
(855) 273-7831


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